Government of Nepal

Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies

Special Economic Zone Authority, Nepal

विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्र प्राधिकरण, नेपाल

दरभाउपत्र रद्द गरिएको बारे Notice for the request for application to establish and operate industry in Bhairahawa Special Economic Zone at Bhairahawa, Nepal List of industries that have received certificate for operation within SEZ Notice for all industrialist for Bhairahawa SEZ भैरहवा विशेष आर्थिक क्षेत्रमा उद्योग स्थापना गर्न समझ्दारी पत्रमा हस्ताक्षर भएका लगानीकर्ताको विवरण Notice for all industrialist for Bhairahawa SEZ Notice for Request for Expression on Interest Clarification in Contract ID. : MoI/SEZDC/WORKS/42-073/74, Construction of Administrative Building and other Buildings inside GPZ of Simara SEZ, Bara निर्माण तथा मसलन्द सप्लाई - आशयको सूचना - Bhairahawa, Simara Clarification in Contract ID. : MoI/SEZDC/WORKS/41-073/74, Construction of Internal Roads and Land Development Works Inside GPZ Simara SEZ, Bara Tender Notice For Bhairahawa Tender Notice For Bhairahawa and Simara SEZ's Successful Participation in Nepal Investment Summit 2017 SEZ's Participation in Nepal Investment Summit Bhairahawa SEZ Office inauguration news published in various newspapers Bhairahawa SEZ Office inauguration by Hon. Minister Nabindra Raj Joshi (2073-11-05) SEZ Operation Manual Amend Final (2073-01-16) Procurement of construction of Pavement for Parking inside Bhairahawa SEZ Procurement of Works and Goods Tender Notice for Light vehicle Notice for the request for proposal to establish and operate industry in Bhairahawa special economic zone at Bhairahawa, Nepal

Economic & Social Indicator

Area 147,181
Arable land 26,533 sq km..
Population (2001) 23.15 million
Rate of population growth 2.24 percent
Density of population 157 per
Rural population 

86 percent

Urban population   14 percent
Economically active population 72 percent
LAND USE (1991) Area Percent




Forest 55,334 37.6
Snow 22,463 15.3
Pasture 19,785 13.4
Water 4,000 2.7
Other 19,066 13.0
Infant mortality 64.2 per 1000
Life expectancy 61.9 yrs.
Crude birth rate 41 per 1000
Crude death rate 11.5 per 1000
Literacy rate 49.2%
Gross Domestic Product (current prices) Rs. 557869 mln.

Gross Domestic Product (1994/95 constant prices)


of which

Rs.  312500  mln
-Agriculture Rs. 121227 mln
-Non-agriculture Rs. 191273 mln.

Rate of growth of GDP

(at factor cost) (2005-06)


Per capita GDP (current prices 2005-2006)


Gold and foreign currency

US $ 311
Reserves (2004) Rs. 131366 mln
Exports   (2004/05) Rs. 58706 mln.
Imports . (2004/05) Rs. 140473 mln
Trade balance negative (04/05) Rs.  90768 mln.
Balance of payments (2004/05) Rs. 14613 mln.
Foreign debt. (2004/05)
Rs. 219641 mln.
(Inflation rate based on urban consumer price index)(2004/05) 4.4 %



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